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Manna Mix




Our Mission

Let’s face it, you are what you eat. The food you take is broken down and put into your blood. In case you didn’t know, blood is what gives life! So how important is the food you eat? It affects your body physically, mentally, and spiritually. So our ultimate goal is for you to prosper and be in good health without compromising taste.

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Different Level of Trail Mix

Chocolate makes a trail mix special but lets admit it’s, not the healthiest for our bodies. Consider the large amounts of added sugar and other unhealthy unwanted elements. Finally, we can now enjoy a healthy alternative to the chocolatey taste we love.

Powerful Ingredients

Cashews, peanuts, raisins, carob, and banana chips all have great energy boosting nutrients.

Free of Caffeine

No more sugar rush or crash. Without the use of chocolate, your energy will be constant.

Free of Theobromine

Theobromine is what makes you addicted to chocolate. Well, there is none of that here so you can live with freedom.

Taste & See

We promise it won’t hurt to try.

You will be surprised how a trail mix can invigorate your day.

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